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Add more fill probes to your BEST Fittings Starter Kit, BEST Fittings QC02 Quick Coupler Socketor compatible Foster 12FS, 12FSS and 12MS Straight Thru Quick Snap Couplers. Quality Stainless Steel, made in the UK.
BEST Fittings Quick Coupler Plugs will also connect directly to the snap coupler supplied with many popular rifles such as Daystate, Crosman, Benjamin etc. So if you already have one of those, then simply fit one of our Quick Coupler Plugs to each of your other fill probes to enjoy swift interchange of fill connectors.
Please note that BEST Fittings standard quick coupler male components are not compatible with the all stainless steel Brocock Enigma & AimX Original Fitment connector. We do however offer a suitable component for that product, 02B3-ML04 Brocock Compatible Quick Coupler Plug.
Examples of compatible fill probes, adaptors and guns below:
Air Arms: s200, s300, s310, s400, s410, s510, TDR, FTP900, EV2, Protarget, MPR, Shamal, XM100, NJR100, TM100 etc. Armex: X10 etc. BSA: Superten, Hornet, Ultra, Scorpion (T-10 and SE models also) R10, Lonestar etc. Benjamin: Marauder, Challenger, Discovery, Silhouette etc. Brocock: Enigma, Elite, Grand Prix, Aim X, Hunter, Contour, Concept etc Career/Samyang/Sumatra: 707 909 2500 etc Daystate: Air Wolf/Air Ranger, Huntsman, Harrier, X2, Wolverine, LR90, PH6, MK3, MK4 etc Evanix: Blizzard, AR6, S10, Conquest etc Falcon: Prairie & FN silencer quick fill (FN8 FN12 FN19) etc FX: Axsor, 2000, Tarantula, Gemini, Cyclone, Gladiator, Verminator, Typhoon, Monsoon, T12, Cutlas, Ranchero, Super Swift, Storm, Rapier, Timber Wolf, Bobcat, Ultimate, Elite, Revolution, Royal etc Gamo: Dynamax etc Hatsan: AT-44, AT4,4 AT65, Galatian etc Logun: Axsor, Gemini, Solo, MK1, MK2 Professional, Eagle, S16 etc Edgar: XVi Prestige: Cub, Kub, Blackcat etc Ripley: XL9, AR5 etc RWS: Rapier, Elite, Scimitar, Excalibre, Series 50, 500, LR20, LR25 etc Theoben: Rapid 7, R7, MK1, MK2, MKII, MFR etc Webley: FX2000, Axsor, Raider, Raider 10, Spectre, Venom, Viper, Sidewinder, Mamba etc Weihrauch: HW100, HW101 etc