Omega Air Charger 4500psi Compressor

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This is one of the easiest compressore to us and can run for up to 8 hours! Fill your tanks and your guns with this great littl compressor that Could.

The Omega Air Charger has user friendly features such as an automatic shut off system that allows the user to set at any pressure desired for his or her application. The water cooled system runs continiusly without overheating. The compressor comes with a 3 ft long hose for convenient use on tanks or an airgun. A manual bleed system is provided to use during fill durations to rid the system of moisture before it can enter the container being filled. The size and weight of the Air Charger allows for portability and placement in a small office or the corner of a garage. The noise level is extremely low, a conversation can be held in close proximity to the unit while it is running. This entry level compressor provides service and independence with satisfaction levels much higher than the price would dictate. A one year warranty from Raptor Pneumatics, lubricants and complete manual are standard.
  • 110V Power
  • 4500 psi Output
  • Easy Adjust Pressure Shutoff
  • Water and Air Cooled
  • Self-Sufficient Design
  • Manual Moisture Bleed
  • Self-Servicable
Model #
Moisture Bleed
Max. Pressure
3 Stages
4500 psi
23 CFH
1 Year