Air Venturi RoVair Compressor

Air Venturi
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Air Venturi RoVair Compressor

The Air Venturi RovAir 4500 PSI Portable PCP Compressor is a reliable and compact compressor that offers fill times on par with the Nomad III and up to 25% faster than the Nomad II. It has a reduced price but features the same high quality and dependable performance shooters can rely on.

Shooters who are used to older compressors will be thankful for the improved fill times achieved by this model. Upgrades to the technology used in this compressor mean users will spend more time shooting and less time waiting for their PCP airgun to refill.

This compressor does not require the constant maintenance and oil refills that previous compressors do, saving time and effort and resulting in added convenience, especially when used frequently. In addition, the adjustable automatic shut-off capability means that shooters can set a pressure up to 4500 PSI and have the compressor fill to that pressure and then stop when the desired pressure is reached.

The Air Venturi RovAir is also an ideal solution for filling PCP guns in the field because it can be used on a 12V automotive battery for portable operation. It can also be operated from a standard 110V or 220V outlet at home or at the range for maximum flexibility, and the dual-fan cooling system provides peace of mind.