DonnyFL Fatboy Universal Moderator

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The All New Fatboy form DonnyFL. When Silence Is a Priority.


This is a universal moderator, designed to fit 177 thru 30Cal and comes with 3 interchangeable air strippers. All compenets packaged in a nice multi color box so you can keep those extra parts all togehter. DonnyFL has redigned the 1/2x20 rear cap for easy gripping. The othe great feature of the new Fatboy is it can be used with the 6.25 inch extender for more silence. 

*  177 to 30Cal

*  Includes 3 intercahngeable air strippers

* Redisigned 1/2 X 20 rear cap

* 4.25 inches long

* 2 inches in diameter

* 6.7 oz

* Can be used with the 6.25 inch extender