Huma-Air FX Impact Dual Stage Regulator HP 60-170

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Huma-Air FX Impact Dual Stage Regulator HP 60-170 for FX Impact MKI and MKII

This External Dual Stage Tuning Regulator build by Huma-Air is specially designed to be screwed in between the action and the pressure bottle of the FX Impact.
It will create sort of a similar system as the "Dual Regulator" system also used on the FX Maverick what is described by FX as below: 

"The first regulator pre-reduces the pressure in preparation for the second regulator. This provides less stress on the second regulator and achieves a more constant output pressure with less standard deviations. Advised is to use about 30-40 BAR difference between the 1st & 2nd regulator."

The regulator is equipped with a pressure gauge what will indicate the fill pressure of the bottle and a foster male connection to fill the rifle. The position of the gauge and and foster can be chosen left or right and they can be aligned stepless into their position so it always looks good on your rifle.
When the regulator is fitted to the rifle you can read the primary fill pressure on the regulator's pressure gauge. The first stage regulator output pressure can be read on the factory gauge (previously used as fill pressure gauge) and the second regulator output pressure can be read on the original FX regulator pressure gauge.

Pressure can be set by turning the set-screw of the regulator what can be found inside the male treaded part of the regulator. A 5 minutes turn contra clockwise equals to about 7-8 bar pressure increase.
This Dual Stage Tuning Regulator will be screwed in between the pressure bottle and the action of the FX Impact. It will ad about 54 mm of length. Please check if it does not interfere if you use a 580 CC bottle or larger after market silencer.
The picture shows a FX Impact MKII with 600 mm barrel and Huma-Air modular moderator Mod40 compact.

The regulator can be fitted easy with no modifictions to the rifle. You just need to unscrew the FX Bottle valve and replace screw the regulator directly into the pressure bottle. After fitting the regulator, the pressure bottle's one way valve is not in use anymore So you can't change the bottle under pressure.
It can be usefull to order a FX Valve Removal Kit so you can easy remove the valve out of the FX bottle.

The benefits of this Huma-Air tuning regulator for your rifle


  • Higher accuracy due to the elimination of the pelletspeed fluctuations
  • The solid stainless steel foster fill connection and pressure gauge can switched over from left to right
  • The position of the foster and pressure gauge can be turned around for 360 degrees. So you can align it to your own wishes.
  • Under the pressure gauge there is a o-ring what make it possible to line the dialplate up straight for the eye. 
  • Fitting instruction available as pdf download

Important safety notes:

When this extra regulator is fitted, you need to fill the rifle by the foster male fill adapter on the regulator collar. The original factory fill connection should not be used anymore. A blind plug to disable the factory fill connection is included.
These regulators are not suitable for stand alone pressure bottles/buddy bottles.
The maximum working pressure of this model is 250 Bar.
Do not exceed the factory adviced fill pressure of your rifle.
Do not exchange the original factory bottle for a higher pressure bottle version.