FX Panthera Hunter Compact

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FX Panthera Hunter Compact

The FX Panthera was a huge leap forward in airgun innovation with it’s patented
over the barrel plenum and with high-power - short-impulse valve design.
The original Panthersa is a purpose-built competition slug rifle,
shooters/competitors have craved to use this new airgun technology in many different ways.Now FX has introduced the Panthera Hunter Compact. This is a
compact pellet shooter that can be configured in various ways to be
customized to your style of shooting.

This new Panthera Hunter Compact is available in 177, 22, 25 and 30Cal and is using a shortened FX Smooth Twist X Superior Liners. 177 and 22cal will be utilizing a 300mm barrel, 25cal 380mm barrel and 30Cal 395mm barrel. The smaller caliber will have a 62cc Macro Plenum and the 2 larger calibers will have a 120cc Macro XL Plenum. All 4 calibers will come with a 300cc Carbon Fiber Bottle located in the front of the Hunter Compact for great balancewhen shooting off-hand. The Hunter Compact also utilizes an AR-15 Grip, Picatinny Top rail with 20 MOA built in, and a rear stock that is adjustable length of pull and adjustable cheek piece.

Shooters will be able to customize their Hunter Compact with accesoories such as Dynamic Double Air adapter Kit so you can add a 300cc Carbon Fiber bottle to the rear for added shot count.

Additional accessories are also being released including the
Dynamic Compact Length Arca Rail (can be added when configured with
the bottle in the rear) and the FX Dynamic Side Accessory Pic Rail. Also
being released is the new FX Dynamic AR Folding Stock adapter. This
allows a standard AR buffer tube and butt stock to be affixed to the rifle,
reducing the overall length of the rifle when folded to just 26” in length!