FX Impact STX Slug Tensioned Barrel Kits

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FX Impact STX Slug Tensioned Barrel Kits

Added rigidity for the Slug Shooter. Desinged for shooting heavy slugs at high speeds. Available in 700mm and 800mm in most calibers

Ships with Heavy Superior Liner. Will not fit factory case.

FX Slug Tensioned Barrel Kit 800mm

FX has introduced the Tensioned 800MM barrel kits for the Impact in 22, 25, 30 and 35Cal to allow shooters to shoot at higher velocities for increased BC which will allow for longer distance sghooting. These are slug ready heavy liners.

The 800mm Slug Tensioned Barrel, combined with the new Power Block and Tungsten hammer weight installed in the FX Impact, will shoot a .22 Caliber 40gr slug at speeds of 1030 ft/s (the common weight and speed shot by many professional .22LR competition shooters).