SKOUT Sniper Slug 25Cal 48.8gr 100ct

Skout Airguns
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SKOUT Sniper Slug 25Cal 48.8gr 100ct

SKOUT has coliborated with Corbin to make a slug specifically for the SKOUT slug barrel. SKOUT's commitment to excellence has now entered the realm of slugs foir the most competitive EPOCH and EVO users. Specifically designed to be the ideal match for SKOUT® slug liners in size, weight, and twist these are the best slugs on the market for SKOUT® Air rifle shooters.

The HPP crew was down at SKOUT and we had the opportunity to test these new slugs out of thge 25cal 34.4" 1:23 twist slug barrel and we were able to constistenty shoot a sub MOA group at 100 yards

The consistency, accuracy and quality of the SKOUT® Sniper Slug also makes an excellent choice for the discerning shooter of any air rifle slug platform.*

*Results may vary, each air rifle and air rifle manufacturer is affected by numerous variables that may effect accuracy.