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These Sluggers come with a 34.4 inch, 1:23 twist barrel. These SKOUT Sluggers and very capable of MOA at 100 yards especially when shooting the 25cal 48.8gr Sniper Slugs that were designed for these barrels with a collaboration between SKOUT and Corbin to match.


The Skout Epoch PCP Air Rifle is a revolutionary airgun with computer controls that allow tuning and flexibility, and a hammerless valve system. The result of years of engineering, it is capable of surprisingly high velocities and the power needed for extreme accuracy and performance for competition, target shooting, and hunting.

This air rifle uses a moderator that allow shooters to optimize their experience for different types of shooting. In addition, the airgun uses dual externally-adjustable regulators to provide optimum performance for specific ammo and shooting types, and the pressure can be adjusted without degassing the 500cc removable carbon fiber reservoir.

The Skout Epoch enables shooters to make adjustments to the air rifle with the help of the onboard computer, including firing mode, firing timer, valve timing, and more. The two-stage match trigger features a digital safety and is highly adjustable, including settings for the trigger shoe height and angle, the pre-travel and post-travel, and others.

To provide options for accurate sighting, this air rifle utilizes a long Picatinny optics rail that will accommodate a wide variety of optics, and the M-LOK accessory rails surrounding the forearm allow for the attachment of items such as bipods, lights, and lasers. The air rifle also includes three manometers that show the pressure of the air cylinder, the pilot valve, and the valve pressure.