FX DRS EXP Classic

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Expected release date is Mar 12th 2024

FX DRS EXP Classic

PRE-ORDER ONLY. NO REFUNDS. We will test all guns before shipping!!  We have to put a quanty on hand to offer the pre-order and we only put the quantity we have on order!   We do not have a good eta on the walnut stocks, and the first batch will be 500 and 600 Synthetic due in March and the MDT verdions 30-40 days after the Synthetics.

Designed from the ground up, the FX DRS platform will meet the needs of the most demanding shooter. The very simple yet sophisticated design of the FX DRS has allowed FX to create a true high end airgun like never seen before. By removing some of the distingushing features that are inherent to airguns, like bottles and air tubes. The FX DRS has the appereance of a traditional rifle. The FX DRS maintains the importants features you have come to expect from a modern high end airgun. You will be able to customize the modular platform of the FX DRS.

   Introducing the FX DRS Classic. Availble in two amazing options, lustrous and rugged balck synthetic soft-touch stock or the Minelli walnut stock for the shooter that appreciates a more tradional look and feel.

   For the adventurous and pratical shooter, the soft touch black synthetic stock offers a contemporary aesthetic combined with a comfortable feel. Designed with precision this stock is not just about style, it's built to endure the demands of the outdoors. The soft touch finish provides a secure and comfortable grip, ensuring confidence in every shot. On the other hand, the Minelli walnut stock pays homage to tradition and craftsmanship.

  Both versions share the same design that sets the FX DRS Classic apart. The over the barrel air resvoir, not only creates a more tradional look but also augments barrel stability, eliminating the need for a carbon fiber bottle. The results are a sleek and powerful hunting platform that rises above all expectations. Performance meets perfection with the modular plenum deisgn, intellingently disguised as a traditional magazine, seamlessly intergrating witha tradional look of both stocks. the FX DRS provides an ergonomic feel, achieved through thoughtful design adjustments, provides a balanced and comfortable experience. The design sets a new standard in the air rifle world.

The FX DRS Classic comes out of the box with a smooth side lever action, a high-capacity magazine refined for larger projectiles, the flexibilty to tailor the trigger for your exact preference and a 11mm dovetail rail. Upgrade otions will be avaible and will include a match grade trigger, picatinny rails, plenums, barrel lenght ect.