FX Crown MKII Base 600mm

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FX Crown MKII Base 600mm

This FX Crown MKII base has been made available for those that want to combine the advantages of the FX Crown MKII with those of an aftermarket stock, barrel or chassis. It provides you with the opportunity to build a very specific FX Crown MKII without the need to buy a whole PCP rifle to strip down first.

The FX Crown MKII is the successor of the original FX Crown. It has a 28% larger plenum, a larger 6.5 mm valve and optimised bores, resulting in significantly more power. This sporty rifle also features a 20 MOA Weaver/Picatinny rail, making for a more usable elevation adjustment of your rifle scope when shooting longer distances.

As we’re used to with FX, this Crown MKII base can be adjusted in many ways. It’s got an externally adjustable AMP (Adjustable Match Precision) regulator, adjustable valve and the well-known power adjuster wheel, with which both macro and micro adjustments can be made to the hammer spring. All this will help you to perfectly match the power output of your PCP air rifle on the calibre and ammunition you’re using.

Available in 22 and 25cal  and check out our selection of Hydro-Dipped stocks to add to your new Crown.

Caliber .22 (5.5mm)
Max Velocity 1000 fps
Muzzle Energy 56 ft/lbs
Stock Synthetic
Grip Ambi
Color Black


Caliber .25 (6.35mm)
Max Velocity 930 fps
Muzzle Energy 65 ft/lbs
Stock Synthetic
Grip Ambi
Color Black


  • Ambidextrous thumbhole synthetic stock
  • Smooth sidelever cocking system
  • Superlight Smooth Twist X (STX) barrel offers more rigidity, yet is about ½-pound lighter than previous version
  • Includes Superior liner
  • Interchangeable calibers and barrel liners (additional calibers and liners sold separately)
  • Fully shrouded barrel
  • Updated breech block with four barrel set screws for more rigidity = better performance
  • Upgraded action with integrated 20 MOA Picatinny rail
  • Breech block upgrade allows for caliber changes without removing scope
  • Externally adjustable AMP (Adjustable Match Precision) regulator
  • Externally adjustable hammer spring tension
  • 3-step transfer port adjustment
  • Dual pressure gauges: one for air tube pressure, one for regulator pressure
  • Removable 480cc carbon fiber air cylinder
  • Max fill pressure is 250 bar (3600 psi)
  • Magazine Capacity: 21 rds. in .177, 18 rds. in .22, 16 rds. in .25, 13 rds. in .30
  • Shots per fill: 200 in .177, 120 in .22, 70 in .25, 45 in .30