Which Air Gun is For Me?

Oct 18th 2019

Which Air Gun is For Me?

Extreme Benchrest 2019 just wrapped up another very successful year and now some are asking which air gun should I get. That is the million dollar question and the answer is up to the shooter. I am still trying to decide myself which air gun do I want for competitive shooting. It is a tough decision since there are so many quality air gun out there and each one has its plus's and minus's.

Daystate and Brocock make some very solid platforms and shoot great and Daystate was the leader for the 2019 EBR. Their fit to finish is second to none and are rock solid. Both Daystate and Brocock will perform perfectly in competition and in the field. They also have one of the best warranties out there. Daystates Electronics are very dependable and makes them very tune able in the right hands and with their tuner. The trigger on these electronic guns are phenomenal. FX makes some of the most popular air guns going at the moment. IMHO the Impact X MKII is their most popular air gun today. The Impact X MKII is placing at the top or close to the top at every competition in 2019. I really like the versatility of the platform, to switch calibers, liners and accessories but it also what I call a tinkerer's dream. The Imapct X MKII is extremely tuneable for the person that wants to take the time to follow the process. You can install a slug liner and have a long distance lead slinging machine (68whiskey_airgunning 325 yards).

 The Wildcat MKII and Crowns are very solid platforms and great contenders. RAW makes a great air gun that is very accurate and made in the USA but this would be a competition gun only in my opinion which isn't a bad thing unless you are looking for a gun to pull double duty in the field. American Air Arms is one to really keep an eye on and they will be making a stronger presence on the line in the future and made in the USA. My decision at the moment is between the following: RAW, Daystate Safari and American Air Arms EVOL.