Airmarsman Anvil Rail

Air Marksman
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Airmarsman Anvil Rail

The desing for the Anvil rail is based on a concept that was brough to AirMarksman by active NRL/PRS Shooters. The Anvil rail is desinged for the FX Impact and is the first under-bottle rail desing to bring both ARCA functionality and improve the balance of the Impact. The Anvil will work with any bottle design up to 700cc. Also tha Anvil's ARCA rail extends both forward under the bottle, as well as reward to give the shooter 16.25 inches of usable rail space. This also gives shooters a flat, level surface under the natural balance point of the rifle, makng shooting from a bag or barricade more stable. The underside of the ARCA rail is also cross-hatched to add more grip when the rail is placed on bags and other obstacles when shooting.

The Anvil Rail come in at a heavty 2 pounds, the Anvil Rail adds balance to the Impact by accounting for the back heavy nature of the rifle. The shooter can also add weight can use the M-LOK compatible channl that runs the length of the side portion of the rail with pre-tapped 10-24 holes that are spaced to fit AirMarksman brass weight as well as the MDT weight


Weight : 2 LBS

Overall Length: 18 inches

ARCA Rail Length: 16.25 inches