Western Airguns Rattler 357

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Western Airguns Rattler 357, new for 2022. Semi-Auto 357 with a 15 round revolver style magazine that can deliever up to 50 shots with 81.0gr pellets or up to 20 shots with 172gr slugs.

The Rattler can deliver 150fpe plus with 81.0gr pellets and up to 275fpe with 172gr slugs in the right conditions.

SPECS and More

  • 9.3lb without a scope
  • 40" OAL
  • 15-Shot Revolver Style Magazine
  • power adjuster
  • external regulator adjustment
  • extended picatinny rail under mount for bipod
  • soft case included
  • Two stage Trigger
  • 580cc Carbon Fiber Bottle
  • Shrouded barrel
  • 3625 fill
  • Tank Pressure Gauge
  • Regulator Pressure Gauge
  • Picatinny rail scope mount
  • Padded Soft Case Included