Tiger Shark 74cuft Fully Loaded 4500 psi Tank

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MADE IN THE USA!!!! Let’s keep Americans employed!

When you compare our tanks, note the following features:

Our tank is 410 cu in water volume (74 cu ft air). This is our Mid-Size 4500 PSI tank made for PCP Airguns use. (Always use the water volume to compare)

  • The Tiger Shark measures 6.5″ Dia x 19″ long (sans valve); weight = 9 pounds (sans valve)
  • All of our tanks can be filled via a SCUBA Shop. (And a Paintball show with Opt 2a).
  • hoses are rated over 9,000 PSI Working pressure and almost 30,000 PSI burst (50% higher than most others)
  • hoses have stainless steel strain-relief at each end and we’ve never had a hose burst (out of many thousands sold)
  • Fully Loaed includes 2nd Gauge, QD Hose and DIN300, Carry Handle, Feet,Boot, and Tank Protector