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Combined Dust Plug & Cylinder Residual Pressure Test Plug. Fits BEST Fittings QC02 Socket as used on all current Daystate guns.
Compatible with Foster 12FS, 12FSS and 12MS Straight Thru Quick Snap Couplers. Essential to the keep the nasties out of your prized shooting tool, and quickly test your residual cylinder pressure.
To read the residual cylinder pressure, install the plug into the BEST Fittings or compatible fill connector, close the bleed valve on the cylinder and slowly open the cylinder air control valve. The pressure inside the cylinder will be indicated on the cylinder or charging head gauge. Bleed the system after use.
Please note that BEST Fittings standard quick coupler male components are not compatible with the all stainless steel Brocock Enigma & AimX Original Fitment connector as detailed HERE. We do however offer a suitable component for that product here: Brocock Compatible Quick Coupler Test Plug.
High Quality Stainless Steel, made in the UK.