Retro Fit Push Button Bleed Valve

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BEST Fittings Push Button Bleed Valve Upgrades featuring a Quick Action Air Dump.
Suits MDE Brand Jubilee Valves with M10 bleed valve thread
MDE Airgun Charging Kits with 1/8″ BSP thread, early MDE cylinder valves. May fit other brands of valve.
To check the thread size of the unit required, if you can easily screw a standard fill probe into the bleed valve port that you are upgrading, then select the 1/8″ BSP Version, otherwise select the M10 Unit.
No more sore fingers or frustration from not being able to get your screw bleed valve to seal.
Simply unscrew your old screw type bleed and screw the new unit into place.
Tighten with a spanner up to one rotation to orient the valve to your preferred position and away you go.
See other listing for APEKS Valve and early Hydrotech Valve.