JB Great White 97cuft Tank Fully Loaded

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MADE IN THE USA!!!! Let’s keep Americans employed!

When you compare our tanks, note the following features:

Our tank is 550 cu in water volume (97 cu ft air). This is the largest 4500 PSI tank made for PCP Airguns use. (Always use the water volume to compare)

  • The Great White will fill a Marauder 63x from 2000 PSI up to 3000 PSI, Our Mid-size Tiger Shark 47x.
  • The Great White measures 6.9″ Dia x 21 long (sans valve); weight = 12 pounds (sans valve)
  • The Tiger Shark measures 6.5″ Dia x 19″ long (sans valve); weight = 9 pounds (sans valve)
  • Most people opt for the Great White, figuring the $90 increase is worth 1/3 more fills, but its good for those that want a lighter tank than a GW to fill their PCP air gun or paintball gun.
  • All of our tanks can be filled via a SCUBA Shop. (And a Paintball show with Opt 2a).
  • Our hoses are rated over 9,000 PSI Working pressure and almost 30,000 PSI burst (50% higher than most others)
  • Our hoses have stainless steel strain-relief at each end and we’ve never had a hose burst (out of many thousands sold)