Daystate Alpha Wolf

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Daystate Alpha Wolf, The new Wolf in the pack!

The new version of the electronic  "Wolf" series of rifles from Daystate and ties all of the best features in one really unique air gun. The Alpha Wolf incorporates the popular red laminate stock from the Red Wolf, this gorgeous setup bridges the gap between classic and tactical and delivers a rifle unlike any other. All of the new groundbreaking features from the Delta Wolf like the built in chronograph, the almost infinite power adjust ability, and the multi-caliber platform interchangeability come standard on the Alpha Wolf along with some new software improvements and the ability to update as you go into the future.The rifle is available in the .177/.22/.25 and .30 calibers. There are 2x barrel lengths available for the Alpha Wolf but initially only the 23" version will be readily available. The Compact 17" barrel configuration will be made available in the future.