Alkin W31 Mariner 3.7 Vertical Auto 220V 1Phase

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We keep at least one on hand in our shop for customer pick-up or we can deliver for free within Michigans lower pennisula. Outside of Michigan we will drop shipped to you. For delivery charges please contact us vis email, phone or text and we can get you a quote for delivery and invoice you for your purchase. 

Standard  Features

  • P21 Purifier with Refillable Purifier Element  

  • Automatic Start / Stop and Condensate Drain
  • 2nd and 3rd Stage Water Condensate & Oil Seperator

  • Intercoolers (Stainless Steel)

  • Aftercooler (Stainless Steel)

  • Priority Valve (Pressure Maintaining Valve)

  • Check Valve

  • Safety Valve at Each Stage

  • Oil Level Glass

  • Electrostatically Painted Portable Chassis

  • Manual Start / Stop

  • Manual Condensate Drain

  • Power Cable

  • Thermal Overload Protection for Electric Motor

  • Control Panel: On / Off Buttons & Hourmeter

  • Filling Hose (Yokes, Filling Valves, Pressure Gauges, DIN Adapters)

  • Air Quality complies with EN 12021, Grade E and D.

  • 3.7cfm
  • max BAR 345  Max PSI 5000
  • 3 Stage
  • Continuos Duty Cycle

Optional Features

  • Pressure Switch

  • Dual Pressure System 225-345 Bar / 3260-5000 Psi

  • Stainless Chassis

  • Extra Filling Hoses

  • Disposable Filter Cartridge