Air Venturi High Pressure Output Filter

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Air Venturi High Pressure Output Filter

  • Includes mounting brackets to secure filter to Air Venturi 4500 PSI Compressor
  • Standard male and female quick disconnect fittings allow for attaching to almost any compressor
  • Includes replacement seals and particulate cartridge filters
  • Can use Hill Dry Pac refill packs for media replacement
  • Up to 4500 PSI operating pressure
  • Filter Tube Dimensions: 14.5" Long x 1.38" Diameter

Output-side filter for high-pressure air compressors using Quick Disconnect fittings. Includes all components necessary for easy installation onto the Air Venturi 4500 PSI Compressor, and can fit any other compressor that uses quick disconnect fittings.  

Whether you live in a humid environment or just want to ensure you are getting as much moisture removed from your compressors air as possible, the Air Venturi High Pressure Output Filter is up to the task.