AGT Vixen PCP Air Rifle 22Cal

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  1. The lightweight and compact size of the air gun. The simple design makes maintenance easy.

  2. Affordable price

  3. The fully adjustable trigger system

  4. The ambidextrous easy-cocking effort side lever system can be changed easily on either the left or the right side of the rifle.

  5. Innovative safety system

  6. The all-weather synthetic pistol grip of AR-style.

  7. The placement of the air pressure gauge has been changed. It allows the shooter to keep under control the high of the air pressure in a composite carbon air bottle

  8. The word-wide know cold hammer-forged CZ made barrel

  9. The fine made a sound moderator for quite shooting sessions

  10. The rifle is equipped with a weaver rail and a synthetic handguard with Key-mode that enable to mount of additional accessories