‘A’ Clamp (K Valve) Airgun Charging Kits – Push Button Bleed 450MM

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Brand New Design BEST Fittings Push Button Bleed 200/230 BAR A-Clamp (K Valve/D Clamp) Charging Kits. Suitable for filling your air gun from a standard 200/230 BAR ‘A’ Clamp (K-Valve/D-Clamp) diving cylinder. All kits include a seal to allow you to fill your Buddy Bottle directly from the outlet without using a hose. Brand New Quick Acting Push Button Bleed Valve so no more sore fingers from over-tight bleed screws! Fitted with a Removable Flow Restrictor in the stem for safe and controlled filling. Chrome plated brass components for long term durability. High Quality BEST Fittings German made 50mm precision gauge. IMPORTANT SAFETY WARNING The use of gases other than Divers Quality Normal Breathing Air is not recommended for airgun users. Different gasses have different densities and flow characteristics and could lead to unexpected variations in power output. Oxygen or flammable gases can spontaneously detonate in the air reservoir leading to serious injury or death! ONLY USE DIVERS QUALITY BREATHING AIR IN YOUR AIRGUN